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3 X A-Z Nutrition Cards for the bundle price of £50.


How do you raise a healthy eater, a child who has a wide and varied diet and a positive relationship with food? Teaching kids about food in a fun and 

informative way is a really important part of the process. Involving them in the cooking and letting them have some fun along the way.


These 26 bright and colourful cards are packed full of goodness! With interesting facts about the foods we eat and an easy to follow, fun recipe to try on the back of each card. Let kids experiment with new foods, learn about foods they already eat and watch their relationship with food change.


These cards were designed in my kitchen with my 3 little ones, every recipe has been tried, tested and approved by them. 


They are perfect for little hands and are laminated to keep them clean in the kitchen.

A-Z Nutrition Card Bundle Deal (3 pack)

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