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Raising Confident Eaters, For Life 

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Raising Confident Eaters
Online Course

How do I know if my child is a picky eater?

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Does your child refuse most meals and healthy snacks?

Eat a very limited selection of foods?

Show very little enjoyment in eating?

Do you have to bribe and coax to get them to eat?

Get upset or anxious at mealtimes or when exposed to new foods?

If your answer to the any of the above is YES, then it is likely you child is a picky eater and could do with some support.

Picky eating can affect the whole family and it often leaves both parents and children feeling anxious, stressed and exhausted.


Many parents tell me they feel like they've failed, that they have lost control and don't know how to support their child's feeding.

But what if I told you that picky eating could be avoided and even reversed?

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Dinner time is now a stress free, happy, safe place for my once fussy eater. I can see a huge improvement in the short time since doing Clare's course.


I have learned so much from this course about gaining my child's trust and making mealtimes enjoyable instead of the usual dread of tantrums and disappointment.


Clare's course has made family meals, such an overwhelming and stressful event, manageable and even enjoyable. I could not rate this course , and Clare highly enough.


Mealtimes have always been quite stressful but after doing this course I feel I now have the tools and the knowledge to have happier and enjoyable mealtimes for life. Thanks Clare!

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That regardless of the extent of your child's picky eating, their age or temperament,  your child can learn to try new foods, expand their diet and enjoy mealtimes. That it is possible to improve your child's relationship with food, reducing you and your child's stress in the process.



That is exactly what I teach you on my 3 week course.

After the 3 weeks you will:


Have the tools to enjoy stress free mealtimes.

Reduce anxiety and end power struggles at the dinner table.

Understand your role in your child's feeding.

Stay in control of and even enjoy mealtimes.

Teach your child how to develop a positive relationship with food.


kids playing with food.jpg

 Learn how to take the stress out of meal times and raise confident eaters, for life.

Book your 20 minute complimentary family consultation with me today to find out how I can help.

"The busy mums survival guide"

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